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Tagalog Vocabularios

Antoon Postma gave us a copy of an article he wrote in 2001 describing the seven Tagalog vocabularios written during the Spanish period. Of the seven vocabularios, only four were printed while the remaining three are currently being edited by Antoon Postma.

Antoon Postma is the editor of the Ruiz Dictionary and San Antonio Dictionary, both were published by the Ateneo de Manila University. He is now busy editing the Blancas de San Joseph dictionary and will be published by the same university soon. Download Tagalog Vocabularios article.

San Antonio Dictionary is the second dictionary written in Pila, Laguna.

1703 Letter of Juan de Jesus OFM

Dr. Luciano P.R. Santiago provided us a copy of the 1703 Carta of Juan de Jesus OFM describing Pila Choir in 1686.

The Carta de Juán de Jesús, OFM (1703) was cited by Cayetano Sánchez, OFM in La Provincia Franciscana de San Gregorio Magno de Castilla: memoria histórica minima de sus cuatrocientos años de vida. A typewritten copy of the carta was sent to Dr Santiago by the late William Henry Scott. Document found in Archivo Franciscano Ibero Oriental, Madrid. Download copy of the carta.

Preserving Our Past

Preserving a National Historical Landmark is a must for all Filipinos! The Pila Historical Society has found a new medium in their struggle to preserve a Philippine historical landmark, the power of TXT and email. Last year's group action was done through the power of TXT against the very same company that first provided SMS technology while the recent plaza food stand problem was resolved through the use of electronic mail. Rina Jimenez-David wrote an article last Sunday about the recent exchange of email and was picked-up by Google within minutes and automatically sent alert to registered users.


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